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What is the Role of Newspaper in the Modern Age?

Part 3: The role of newspapers

❶The common culture of the total society and especially its basic social values and norms form a distinctive and unified set of ideas unique to that society. Press is the best source of entertainment through stories, tit-bits, dialogues and sports news.

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Younger adults, age , were especially unconcerned. The same was true of heavier technology users: Yet when asked about specific local topics and which sources they rely on for that information, it turns out that many adults are quite reliant on newspapers and their websites.

Of the 16 specific local topics queried, newspapers ranked as the most, or tied as the most, relied upon source for 11 of the This dependence on newspapers for so many local topics sets it apart from all other sources of local news. The internet, which was cited as the most relied upon source for five of the 16 topics, was a distant second to newspapers in terms of widespread use and value. This sense from the public that newspapers are a place where they can turn to for information on a wide range of local topics, more so than other sources, confirms findings from other Pew Research Center studies, particularly a report on which news organizations tend to break new information in local news reporting conducted in Baltimore and research on what news is available from different sources produced as part of the State of the News Media report.

The problem for newspapers is that many of these topics are followed by a relatively small percentage of the public. Thus, overall, the total number of Americans who rely on newspapers for the local information that matters to them is smaller than is the case for other platforms such as television. Thus, while newspapers command this subject area, most people simply do not seek out information about the subject of local taxes. People may be making quite logical choices in this.

Past PEJ studies have found that local newspapers typically have 70 to stories a day. The typical half-hour local TV newscast is closer to If television has focused on covering weather, traffic, and breaking news, and that is what people look to this platform for, will television begin to cover taxes and zoning and education if the local newspaper no longer exists? Young graduates scan the job-advertisement pages. Lottery addicts pour over the lottery results.

The school boy looks about the detailed happenings in cricket and other sports. The head of the household reads about government matters and other events. Business entrepreneurs go thought the business news.

Casual readers look for sensational topics like loot, murder, kidnapping etc. Others go though the daily predictions of the zodiac. There are others who are interested in the articles and the letters to the editor. Those who love the glamour world read the pages on fashion, movies and film stars. India is a developing country. Most of the people are poor and illiterate. For democracy to be successful, all the citizens should be ilterate. Politicians with selfish motive deceive the poor and illiterate with false promises.

Newspapers help in spreading public opinion. They keep the people aware of the activities of the government.

Press refers to newspapers, magazines, the news section of radio and television, and the journalists who work for them. Press is the mirror of the society. It acts as a watch0god of democracy. Its duty is to highlight the failure of the policies of the government and pinpoint its lapses. The first newspaper published in India was called The Bengal Gazette.

The Bombay Samachar is the oldest existing daily newspapers. The end result would be undermining of freedom of expression — the main pillar of democracy. Bravo to your former editor championing well-informed newspapers reaching out to their paying customers.

Evil exists and prospers when lack of knowledge creates indecision. The newspaper pipers must be paid. There is no other way if we are to keep democracy alive.

I agree with many of the points made by Mr. We do need to have good journalism at local and regional levels to first provide a balanced version of the local news, and to do investigative journalism into business and politics. We certainly cannot rely on large multinational corporations to uncover the truth or do an in depth report about local or regional politics or business.

But while he praises the Star for the investigative reporting into Rob Ford and tire recycling, Torstar is spending large amounts of money to develop and support a news app that is all about providing pretty pictures and very little content. Like the Montreal LaPresse newspaper, the originator of the app the Star launched, this app is intended to replace the Star newspaper at some point in the future.

Technology is changing how we read news but that does not change the need or the desire for good journalism and a platform for good journalism. By producing an app that is providing significantly less substantive content, Mr. Honderich is doing exactly what he is speaking against.

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In this modern age, newspapers play a very important role in promoting trade, commerce, and business. Big corporates and industrial houses promote their products by running a lot of newspaper ads. Classified ads, important public announcements, and public notices are also the content and important material of newspapers.

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Newspapers keep the people aware of the activities of the government. They mobilize public opinion. They play an important role in fighting the menace of corruption. In a democracy, there should be an efficient and fearless press. Press is he mirror of the society. The first newspaper published in India was the Bengal Gazette.

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Newspapers do play a leading role in the political process. For the individual citizens, understanding political process is at times complicated and time consuming. However, newspapers are in an excellent position to discover and reveal real motives behind governments actions. "This makes the role of newspapers as a source of fair, balanced, verifiable information and analysis even more important," he says. "When social media became all the rage, there was talk of the eventual decline – even demise – of newspapers--given the drop in circulation and advertising in many countries.

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Press (newspaper) occupies an important place in our society. It plays a significant role in making the destiny of a nation. It plays a significant role in making the destiny of a nation. A newspaper in the present time makes us familiar . Perceptions of the importance of local newspapersThe survey indicated that newspapers play a far more complex role in the civic life of communities than many On the surface, most people do not feel that their local newspaper is a key source that they rely on for local information.